The PATINS Project

July 22nd, 2009

A discussion with Daniel McNulty, a site coordinator for the PATINS Project. The Mission of PATINS is to provide access to technology tools and instruction on Universal Design for Learning, so every student can participate and progress within the general curriculum. The PATINS Project is designed to impact both the organizational capacities of local public schools and the professional capabilities of school staff in the delivery of assistive technology services and the implementation of Universal Design for Learning Principles. PATINS has established lending libraries at each of our five operational sites. Equipment, software, videos, and print materials are available to public school staff for preview and evaluation purposes. In addition, PATINS offers workshops, both onsite and offsite, and offers technical assistance to local school personnel on specific devices. PATINS also provides refurbished computer technology to qualifying public schools for use with disabled, disadvantaged, and/or at-risk students. For more information on the PATINS Project, visit their website at For more information on IN*SOURCE, visit the website at